We have a supportive cycling community and bike parking hoops at all of our campuses, making cycling a great option for getting to campus. Melbourne's growing network of bike paths makes cycling to campus easier and safer each year. We encourage you to give it a try!

Secure bike facilities

As well as bike hoops close to your destination across all our campuses, each campus also offers secure undercover bike cages and arrival stations. Access to all secure bike cages and arrival stations is free, but you will need to Register for access.

Bike cages and bike arrival stations (BAS) are located at:

ClaytonSouthern bike arrival station (basement LTB 19 Ancora Imparo Way)
James Gormley bike arrival station (ground floor N1 car park 5 Rainforest Walk)
211 Wellington Road bike cage (ground floor multi-level car park)
CaulfieldBuilding J bike cage (level 1 multi-level car park)
ParkvilleBuilding 404 bike cages (basement level 1 & 2 399 Royal Parade)
PeninsulaMPARC Velopod bike cage (next to E世博官网登录 Sport Building W)

Keeping your bike secure

Make sure to always lock your bike when parking it on campus. Ensure that you lock your bike to a hoop securely through the frame and wheel if possible. If you have a second lock, use it to secure the second wheel.

In an emergency, Security can be contacted on 9905 3333.

Getting to campus

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