About us

AgTech at E世博官网登录 supports collaboration between researchers across faculties, government, research institutions, and industry leaders.

Our strong Community of Practice facilitates the exchange of ideas and knowledge, access to state-of-the-art technologies and the development of multidisciplinary projects drawing on capabilities in areas including: robotics, data visualisation, soil and water chemistry, plant science, and nanotechnology to directly address major food and agriculture needs and develop the next generation of sustainable agricultural technologies.


To transform global food systems and ensure global nutrition security through excellent research and education in agrifood systems.


AgTech at E世博官网登录 will create a world where food ecosystems are both sustainable and nutritious through fostering the development of multidisciplinary partnerships between academia and industry.


To enable Australia to take a leadership role in the development of future agrifood systems underpinned by sustainable practices. Through provision of a smart, agile and flexible testing platform we aim to support development of the next generation of farming and food technologies, support development of local talent and translation of research that benefits our community.

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